In-Ear Wireless Sports Headphones

/In-Ear Wireless Sports Headphones
  • Let workout music push you further, wirelessly. High-sensitivity φ 6 mm (1/4˝ ) rare-earth-magnet drivers and AAC codec combine for deep, powerful bass and mid-range clarity. With a five-hour battery life (20 hours with carry-case charger), long runs are no problem. If the battery does gets low, dock for 15 minutes to get an hour of playback using Fast Charge. Secure ear fins and Ear Direct Mount Structure provide deep-fitting stability, while Ambient awareness earphone tips let in enough sound to keep you safe while jogging. Tap the multi-function button once to enable Ambient Awareness Mode, which lets you listen or converse without taking the earphones out. This nifty button also manages playback, calls, and voice-assistant access. Rounding out its athletic credentials, the E9truly wireless is both IPX5 and IPX7 water-resistant. Run in the rain and wash off the sweat after your workout.

  • Fit and functions for athletic freedom

    The E6 wireless blends comfort and security in a brilliantly functional design. Gently curved elastomer earhooks contribute to a comfortable and stable fit and won’t fall out during exercise. Dynamic drivers are aligned with your ear canal for immersive mid-range clarity and solid bass punch. These all-weather headphones are rated IPX4 waterproof and feature a thick, tangle-free φ 2.0 mm (3/32˝) cable. Enjoy six hours of playback with recharging taking just 1.5 hours. Simple Bluetooth® connection provides hands-free phone functionality via inline remote, including voice assistant interaction, music control, and call management, all without touching your phone.
  • Travel deeper into music and leave time behind

    With support for 25 hours of continuous playback, you’re free to dive into music and forget the passage of time with no battery worries. The S3wireless also features Fast Charge providing four hours of playback in just 10 minutes, enough to get you where you’re going. Large φ 40 mm (1 9/16˝) drivers reproduce deep, powerful bass, while support for the AAC codec, ideal for the iPhone, delivers a higher-quality musical experience. Operability is simple with a single button handling music control, call management, and press-activation of smartphone voice assistants. Like the Pioneer name—respected by DJs all over the world thanks to our long association with hip-hop, electronic, and club music culture—the S3wireless has authenticity other brands can’t match. Minimalist styling and a portfolio of four distinctive, carefully matched color-schemes complement functional yet elegant proportions.

  • Liberate your life and your music

    Play your music free and clear with the Pioneer C1s. These compact earphones are made for clear sound on the go. Large dynamic drivers provide strong bass and have a clean mid-range for vocals. Drivers and nozzles are specially angled to send sound directly into your inner ears. This structure also helps the C1s stay in place. The thick, durable, tangle-resistant cable has a remote button to make, take, and end calls; there are six matching color schemes to choose from; and the earphones come with three sets of earphone tips for a comfortable fit.
  • Easy Phone Control

    The Pioneer C3’s dynamic drivers are sound tuned to enhance vocals and deep dynamic bass. Precision-crafted in aluminum housing reduces vibration, and the compact design offers a secure seal for better sound. A user-friendly in-line mic / control button accepts and ends calls with zero hassle. Enjoy your favorite playlist from a brand that understands great sound.Handling phone-calls on the go is simple. There’s a slim in-line control box on the cable with a user-friendly button that lets you accept and end calls without breaking stride. The microphone and controls work with most smartphone brands.

    • No cables, truly wireless design
    • Built-in Bluetooth® Version 4.2
    • Pioneer Notification App for Android™ devices
    • About 3 hours continuous playback
    • Included Charging Case with 1-hour recharging
  • Hi-Res Audio In-Ear Headphone
    • 5.5 mm (7/32 ̋ ) graphene-coated micro-driver diaphragm
    • small but powerfulmagnet for low-frequency extension and control
    • Light Weight Machined aluminum housing
    • Hi-Res 8 Hz–40 kHz frequency response
    • In-Linemic andcontrol for music and calls

    How can earphones so sleek and slender serve such pure, powerful sound? The answer lies in graphene-coated micro-drivers, strong but powerfulmagnets, and precision-cut aluminum body. With decades of audio engineering know-howand the best materials behind the design, bass is deep, fast, and punchy, while maintaining detail& clarityinhigh frequencies. Enjoy hi-resmusic to the fullest from your smartphone or digital audio player. So light you can wear them for hours, the CH3s are the minimalist’s choice for maximum sound.

    • Soft and Comfortable Neckband Design
    • Built-in Bluetooth® Version 4.2
    • Pioneer Notification App for Android™ devicesApprox.
    • 7 hours playback and 1.5-hour Recharge